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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  September 4, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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melissa francis is here. i will try them, melissa. you have more serious mathers go to. melissa: i do. only for the next hour. wage rage sweeps the nation. one of the biggest fast-food protests is happening across america, meeting their demand could transform the industry forever. plus trying to survive. california farms still reeling from the drought. experts say there is no end in sight. what links would you go to in your quest for a new iphone? we're talking with folks camping outside the apple store for 20 plus days. can you imagine? even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: first breaking news coming from the federal reserve survey of consumer finances. the central bank finding average family's income rose 4%, sound
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like good news, from 2010 to 2013. however median income fell 5% over the same period. so the survey also found that families with very high income saw wage gains as they recovered losses from the recession. let's bring in today's panel. fox business's charlie gasparino. we have tom sullivan along with the editor for bayer, jack otter. that is not surprising. same thing. average goes up. median falls. meaning the gap is getting bigger. fewer families holding home loans but education loans the very next bubble. what do you hi this. >> i think this is more ammunition, i will say something that is out of the box, attribute to a source of mine, joe, a excellent market strategist, i told you about him earlier today, joe and i agree this will be more ammunition for janet yellen not to raise interest rates. if you think about it if you read her statements, statements out of the fed, it is setting up
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the sort of the theory we don't have to raise rates right now. melissa: trash-talking the recovery. >> it is like they want both hand, basically, they're basically setting a stage for saying, we want risk another recession because we're right on that precipice. melissa: okay. what do you think about the income gap widening? they're showing evidence, rich are getting richer. >> some people have to go back to grade school math what medium veries is average is. if average is going up the top part because median is going down. exact what the jobs report is showing. older people getting jobs. higher, most jobs are for low income jobs. melissa: right. >> this all makes sense with all the other economic news. melissa: speaking of job, nevada hitting jackpot in that department. the state is expected to be home of tesla's new $5 billion battery factor. there is a news conference scheduled later today to officially announce the plant. what do you make of this one, jack. >> everybody loves tesla, right?
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i've driven the car. it is a lot of fun. it's a beautiful car. >> you have? i'm jealous. melissa: not on the side of the road? >> there is too much hype, too much excitement. i don't believe they will sell as many cars as they think they are. i'm not sure they will sell this many batteries. they have to have a lot of partners to buy these things because they won't be in tesla. melissa: what is interesting, elon musk, a guy does a lot of work in california, have offices, going into nevada. nnvada gave them 300 million in up front money. no corporate income tax. they want up front assistance to lower cost of electric battery. i read they got difference on energy bills. nevada made a big deal to get them away from california. tom, what do you think? >> as former calfornian, comes down to the state of california offered a half a milliondollars and all kind of other benefits for them and they still could not get them to do their factory in california. >> i think it is hard to get around, this is going to be like
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pa long-term problem for california. melissa: without question. >> i really think that they are underestimating from their pensions, from the budget standpoint, not just taxes but regulations in that state, how they decimated the agricultural industry. melissa: right. >> they live on silicon valley - melissa: silicon valley leaving -- >> hollywood outsource sources a lot of stuff. melissa: true. president obama and british prime minister david cameron coming out swinging and asking nato to reject isis in a new op he had. sigh saying quote we wit not waiverrer in other determination to stop isis. countries like britain and america will not be cowed by barbaric killers. >> that's good. melissa: sound good. president obama is going to like, in two years will say this is my legacy. one of the things, he will not say it is obamacare. that has a good chance of being complete and utter disaster.
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one thing he will say is the stock market. we recovered the stock market. we added some jobs. >> he is not. >> here is the whole thing. he will not, will not, will nott he is saying we have to get nato together. like he is stalling. >> he is nothing -- melissa: so he can run out the clock. >> big dog in this fight is president obama. not david cameron. >> said yesterday, we'll get ahead, september 25th, big u.n. meeting. september 25th? melissa: how many more people will be dead by then? >> yes. >cb went out eased. >> yep. >> all these guys do not want to risk massive recession in the global economy. they will not do anything about think, i want to move on to one of my favorite stories of the day. this is real face of airbnb. look at the photo. 22 bunk beds spread across a two-bedroom apartment. video, even better. each bed is listed for 35 buck as night!
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you get what you pay for? >> looks pretty clean? melissa: for now. they don't even have mattresses in yet. will not be clean for long. >> think there will be bedbugs, 22 beds in one apartment, two bedroom. $35 a night. this is 27th and third. murray hill. not a bad neighborhood. jack, you will check it out. >> my favorite comment, it is like a consult without the benefits. this is going on for long time. now internet see see it. >> who will live in this thing? the same kids who voted for president -- melissa: they will stay there overnight. or hookers. isn't it a broking them. >> one of the rules says you have to stay for 30 days. not like a youth hostel and some kid comes? >> i think people can't afford rent in new york city and kids who can't find jobs in this wonderful economic recovery we have. melissa: wow. >> that's what you get. melissa: another spirit using recent nude celebrity hack to
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promote its bare fare deal. i can't even say that. we feel naked. you are never supposed to see this bare fare. it was meant for someone special who isn't you. now it is all over the internet, for you to take advantage of as you see fit. scandallous. we thought the cloud was our friend, because we spend so much time flying in them. i love spirit. they are on top of every scandal. >> what are we talking about? melissa: you're kidding, right. it is low fare airline. icloud scandal, all the celebrities got hacked. this is not here. look online. >> i did not look on line. melissa: pictures -- >> i don't look at dirt pictures dish, having sex on line. everybody seen it. >> you haven't? melissa: i have not seen it. >> you have not seen it, charlie? >> definitely not. melissa: wow. you have no idea what we're talking about, charlie? >> thing is beauty what they do they create this big controversy and we all talk about their ads.
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melissa: it is wonderful. people don't like the app. i'm stuck on charlie, are you kidding? >> i didn't look at it. melissa: do you believe him? that he doesn't know about -- >> he is busy guy. melissa: didn't hear something about it in the bathroom. >> too busy reporting on the markets. melissa: okay. we'll get into that later. introducing the wealthy oh, this one is awful. according to a new survey, 73% of all students have used selfies to brag about recent purchases of all students or adults? did i read that wrong? drag down a little bit more. all adults. thank goodness. all adults, 73% of all adults have used selfies to brag about their purchases. >> how do you do that? take a picture? melissa: actually posed in cash. poor people, have you ever posed with cash? >> never took a selfie. melissa: i never took a selfie. >> how do you pose with -- melissa: you're like hey, ka-ching. and doing yourselfty. >> supposed to stand in front of
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a -- melissa: adults. misread the copy. it is adults. >> here is the thing, my generation is the mee talking ae millenials selfie crazy? we're the me generation. we didn't have instant cameras. we had to actually process them and wait. melissa: i have a blackberry. so i have never taken a selfie. i'm totally out of this. i guess we're the fourth. next person who comes on the set taken a picture of them with cash according to survey. this is one in five and we're four. we haven't done it. >> a little bit old. >> give cash to charlie. melissa: during the break. >> bring your camera? melissa: the fight for '15 intensifies. thousands of fast-food workers hit the street in protest. some were led away in handcuffs. we'll go live to minimum wage melee. apple's big hundred launch still five days away. already drawing a crowd. sanity and reason wiped out by the lure of being first in line. i can't even believe this.
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dierdre: stocks moving into record territory today. ashley webster on the floor of new york stock exchange. ashley, what is moving stocks today? >> interesting, we had all the excitement when we found out the ecb cranking up the old printing presses. new all-time highs on the dow, s&p 500, russell indexes, 1000, three thousand. since that time stocks are backing off. we're still in the green with the dow up 29 points. s&p up .2, nasdaq up a third of a percent. winners regarding sectors, consumer discretionary, industrials. the losers are telecom and. all about the ecb taking part in get the economy cranking. the economic data in the u.s. continues to tell us the economy is moving in the right direction. ashley. melissa: thank you so much. orlando to milwaukee, fast-food workers flooding streets in protest, staging largest u.s.
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strike to date, resorting to civil disobedience in their request for a $15 minimum wage. already at least 21 people have been arrested in new york. with more arrests reported in detroit. fox news's own jonathan hunt is in midtown manhattan. jonathan, what is the scene like there? >> well the protests here at this particular midtown manhattan mcdonald's, wrapped up just a couple hours ago, melissa. there were about another dozen or so arrests that we witnessed here to go with those 19 that you reported earlier. that was from a protest outside of a mcdonald's in times square here in new york city, at this morning's rush hour. now the protesters had promised civil disobedience. that is exactly what they delivered. around a dozen, as i say here at this location, walking into the street, sitting down in the middle of the street, blocking the traffic. the nypd moved in and moved them out. but contend dell fells, one of the organizers of this movement
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the campaigners have no choice but to step up the protest movement because they can not exist on their current wages. listen here. >> if you're a low-wage worker, power that you have is standing together with other low wage workers even if you have to contribute money for them to have a fight because ultimately that is the way that working-class people in country will bring this country back and get back on track. >> now there have been other protests right across the country. up to 100 according to the protest organizers. the restaurants meantime say they simply wan can not consider $15 minimum wage would eat too much into the profits. mcdonald's said in a statement, quote, any minimum wage increase should be implemented over time so impact on owners of small and medium-sized businesses like ones who own and operate majority of our restaurants is manageable. additionally we believe any increase needs to be considered in a broad context, one that
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considers for example, the impact of the affordable care act. so well-worn arguments we're hering from both sides, melissa but the protesters believe they have momentum on their side. back to you. melissa: wow, jonathan, thank you so much. let's turn to our panel for reaction. charlie gasparino and tom sullivan are back with us along with gary kaltbaum, president of kaltbaum capital management. gary, i will start with you. i feel sorry for these people the president fires them up and never mentions his own economists within the government have told him by raising minimum wage it could cost as many as a million jobs right out of the gate. what do you think? >> well we already have that evidence. in 2009, the minimum wage was raised 11% and 600,000 teen jobs were lost over the next year. look, i think the biggest problem here is a lot of these people think this money comes out of thin air. it doesn't, it comes out of business owners and comes out of risk-takers. i have news, when you take money
2:17 pm
away from people running these business and tell them what to do with it. they will react. lees jobs all the way around. >> think about it this was just ge we were talking about, megacompanies. it wouldn't be so bad. ge can afford to pay their workers a little more. what we're talking about mainly small business. what these folks should realize, for all the regulations that president obama and all taxes heaped on u.s. companies here, guess what they do? they take those low skilled jobs, they move them overseas where they don't worry about the minimum wage. melissa: mcdonald 85% are franchise owners who can't afford to raise the minimum wage. i don't think these people have seen hamburger making robot. do we have the hamburger making robot. that where we're headed if you get to point where costs are too much. what do you think? >> two things. one is -- melissa: there it is. >> you feel sorry for them. you are not alone. polls show majority of people give an increase in minimum wage. we're talking about a small fraction of, small, tiny fraction of the workforce.
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it won't make an economic blip. but, to your point, they are going to price themselves out of the market. i know of a restaurant out of jfk airport that is all robots except, key of courses exempt for one person there to kind of manage the thing. one. that is all it takes. melissa: only one person. i know what place you're talking about. more and more. order on independednt pad at counter and food is premade. one person there kind of directing it. >> yep. melissa: we've got to go. >> don't forget -- melissa: thanks, gathergary. secret to eternal truth is far, far away from your office chair. ex-pers are saying standing up ail day will keep you looking younger for longer. hmmm. i might listen to that one. plus all dried up with nothing to grow. we're heading back to california where farmers are spending millions to keep their businesses alive. more money coming up. ♪ you're driving along,
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: adios antibiotics. jumping on the good for you food bandwagon. perdue food is putting end to antibiotics in all of its chicken. the cut is expected to cost customers but purdue will not confirm how much. dr. devi, from nyu school of medicine. why do they use antibiotics in the first place. >> there is evidence to help plump up the chicken. get a bigger chicken, maybe tastier chicken. melissa: wow, i thought that was hormones for? >> i think they both do same thing. combination of things giving you a big bigger chicken. melissa: using human antibiotics. that is what they get rid of, but continue to use animal
2:23 pm
antibiotics? >> exactly. this is a step in the right direction but not like we're completely having antibiotic free chicken. melissa: i assumed. i assumed it had something to do with killing bacteria. i didn't know it was about making them bigger. >> not safe to be on antibiotics all the time to kill bacteria. why don't we take antibiotics every day? we have good bacteria that help us. we have bacteria in our gut help digest food. when we eat chickens exposed to antibiotics we're basically allerring our gut and all bacteria in our system too. melissa: so is there, is, that the only harm to humans? or is there another reason? >> that is one of the harms but the bigger thing antibiotic drug resistance. if the chicken is exposed to these different antibiotics and we eat the chicken we're getting exposed in a low dose too. main thing, it works like vaccination. when you get measles or mumps vaccine as child, what you're getting small dose of a virus will allow you to fight later if
2:24 pm
your victim's ever runs into it again. same thing happens in this case. melissa: if you flip that over, why do i get sick if i eat chicken with antibiotics in it i should never get sick if it is working? >> they get vaccinated against these antibiotics. basically gives them kind of a cure to fight antibiotics that makes us sick in the end. melissa: other big story. everybody on your feet. a new study says standing may be key to staying young. it could be better steveiig off old age than exercising. i mean, so all i have to do stand at my desk. i don't know which is better deal but do you buy into this one? >> it definitely makes a difference. common sense tells us our bodies are not meant to sit all day, for hours and hours a day. what new evidence is showing, muscles when they stand, actually can do different things to prevent aging process. melissa: but says it protection your dna. i have a hard time believing that. >> these scientists looked at
2:25 pm
dna under microscope. scientists define aging in different ways. we think aging as cell, basically duplicating dna and splitting its dn and forming two sells. more that happens, faster you're aging. people standing longer that process was slowed down. they are looking at every time the that the cell splits a little bit of dna, a little bit of code at very end, they're lost. so you keep that process slowed down and hold hold on to it, its down aging process. melissa: if i stand at my desk can quit exercising? that is what i want to know. >> i wouldn't necessaaily say say that and go that far. melissa: for get. dr. devi, thank you very much. >> nice to see you. melissa: apple has not formally announced iphone 6. that doesn't stop people from lining up to wait for shineey new apple product. just what your grandma wants a tablet catering to the gold
2:26 pm
generation. i think betty white is hip to use a regular ipad. more "money" coming up.
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all important jobs report, each economists expecting some solid yet unexpected numbers. larry chauffeur from s f g alternatives is all over this and joins me now. what are you expecting? >> i am worried they might be too they eleanor sobel good they will be bad. especially on the wage front. as we know wage growth has not been issued. it has been a flat line for 2-1/2 years, the way growth goes beyond or above that 2.1% we were expecting. that could spell trouble for the market. we could see a 15 to 20 point
2:30 pm
correction in the s&ps and easily attend basis point rise in the ten year treasury. i think that matters a lot more than the unemployment rate or the total job apps. maria: we will keep a close eye on that. thank you for your insight. ruuors around the apple world say the new iphone vi could go on sale in two weeks from now. of course that is not confirmed but tech junkies are racing to be the first to get the new phone. we spoke to some of these apple fanatics right here in new york city. take a listen. >> i flew in from hong kong thinking we would be first in line. >> me and my cousin were second in line until these people came here. they offer nestle $50 each. >> came with it to help set up everything and when he saw they were first and second in line -- >> this is a company called by that growth and they buy and
2:31 pm
sell on the phone. basically buying iphones and providing food and more advertising. >> on behalf of the company as well, all expenses are paid. >> we are getting paid extra. i cannot disclose that. >> we have umbrellas. we cover pretty much anything now. >> we will stay out here. >> i'm looking forward to the new phone. melissa: joining me now is jerry levy from, jack daughter from barron's is back as well, 20 days, the guys who are third and fourth in line, they were first and second but they sold their stock to two new dudes so they could be third and fourth and people were first
2:32 pm
and second by demand there was only one guy behind them. i don't know why you would pay $1,200 each for the first and second spot when you could have been forced. demystify this. who wants to go first? >> go ahead, jared. >> first of all there were only issues with the displays and this could not be released until early october. melissa: you will be out there a long time. >> unemployed has nothing to do for a month, it is great but good advertising for these companies that are paying people to be basically homeless billboards. good marketing. >> i cannot imagine a more boring job other than watching paint dry literally. that has got to be really old. melissa: you can breeze in the fumes. >> the smell of new york in the summer is quite amazing. >> that turned very badly.
2:33 pm
the won't wait more than 15 or 20 minutes. melissa: we ask people for more serious details, showering around the corner at the y, using the apple store's bathroom, sleeping right there on the sidewalk and they all say that they are just -- the company that has been to get the first i phone and all they're getting is an additional free i phone. there's a lot about this story that doesn't make any sense to me. >> not sure why we should trust these people as spokespeople for this product. that makes me not want to buy what they are wearing. >> we don't know what product is. melissa: no guarantee they will get it on that date. they are standing there to be first in line as opposed to fifth. if apple was worried about competitors samsung's noon lunch it can breathe a sigh of relief. i don't know what is going on. the script has changed. what would you guys like me to
2:34 pm
do? what do you want me to do their? okay. i guess we have breaking news. why don't we get to that? we are going to show you pictures in los angeles, a fast-food workers taking to the streets -- i don't know what that means. you can see them walking in their fight for $15 an hour. we will keep watching this. this is the protest we were talking about earlier. if we look at folks in new york these are people in los angeles, trying to get these protests going all over the place. this one is picking up steam. are we going to talk about this? you want to get reaction from these guys? the drought in california is ringing the golden state dry in more ways than one. we will talk to one farmer about how the drought is impacting demand how that will impact you here at home. you probably just got the song
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out of your head, a frozen sequel. this will be in living rooms everywhere. at the end of the day is all about money. we've never sold a house before.
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the target in its
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honor, revenue ♪
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when the world moves, futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with paper money to test-ive the market. all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. melissa: california's drought is pushing its citizens to desperate measures. several towns are now reporting water theft from fire hydrants even from local fire department. simon constable is with us, we are going to talk to a farmer in a couple minutes. it really illustrates what has -- how serious this problem has become in california. >> i think water is a precious resource the needs to be managed well and if you need to have a
2:40 pm
certain minimum amount that is free for everybody and have some charging afterwards, that seems reasonable. they have a problem in california. they need it for farming, farmers need it more than the rest of us. melissa: i grew up in california. they have a very -- and act with duct system that is really complicated. a ton of planting, brings water from other states. it still got to this level is pretty amazing. they are developing the biggest water salinization plant in the western hemisphere. it cost $1 billion but maybe this is something they have to turn to more. >> i am not out there but if someone is stealing water, the most basic necessity, the good news is desalination plant brings in 100 million gallons a day, to make $15 million, that helps, bottom line is they need rain. if they don't have rain this will be a big issue going
2:41 pm
forward that affects economies and businesses and people and psyches altogether. >> a rain dance now. melissa: thank you for the devastating mega drought wreaking havoc on california. the agriculture industry, paying the price here, they're in dire financial straits. having to make major sacrifices to keep their land all live. mark joins us now, thanks for joining us. we spoke to you in february. so much time has passed. how much money have you spent to keep the farm up and running. >> the growers -- we drilled irrigation wells, reclaim old irrigation wells in an attempt to supplement the water supply we were able to carry over from
2:42 pm
last year into this year but as you know the bureau of reclamation and the state water project delivered zero water surface water, this year. >> he spent a lot of money to get your land going. >> commodity prices are good, we grow allman and tomatoes. not only in the nation but in the world. we convinced banks to loan us money to try to update what supplies, we will see where the rubber meets the road. people reach the end of their financial capabilities. >> is there something else the governor could be doing that
2:43 pm
your neighbors could be doing. other than rain what would make the difference? >> this is a climatic drought, california is in the third year of a dry period, the real severe impacts of come because of regulations and operations of the federal endangered species act. there is currently legislation that has been passed in the house and senate by senator feinstein that would provide some operational flexibility during these drought times, that will allow the operator is the ability to deliver more water rather than have it flushed into the ocean. melissa: you could be having water but it is going somewhere else because of or
2:44 pm
somehow injured the habitat how we have had layers of regulations on the ability to move that water so we are not getting water -- melissa: we are thinking of you and hoping for the best. hang in there. thank you for coming on today. melissa: iceland's huge volcano may be erupting but that is not
2:45 pm
scaring some folks. one pilot on iceland air decided to give passengers a little detour by flying right over it despite its spewing hot lava and columns of smoke. they started snapping away on their phones and i am sure tweeting and hosting on instagram. i would have thought it would be flying away from the volcano. >> they can grind up and bring your jet engines to a halt and that is not good. it is very ay be foolhardy -- melissa: you couldn't fly over the air space, all these lights getting detour and canceled. here is somebody flying over it. >> i felt it had to be smoke, not assure. in terms of ash in the air, doesn't appear to be that. melissa: let's check in with liz claman to see what is coming up. liz: what a difference a few hours make. i am watching the markets,
2:46 pm
record after record. we are not there right now but we are watching every step of the way for "countdown to the closing bell" and also we know how much fantasy football means to all of you but who has the time to do the entire season? guess what? we have the ceo and co-founder of san duel, the fantasy sports leagues, the daily game they allow you to play moment by moment. nigel eccles is the guy. i am all about the cleveland browns. i would even where this over by bikini a farmer going on a royal caribbean cruise. we have the ceo and president of royal caribbean adam gold steam launching their brand new quantum of the seas ship. it is the smart ship, 500 times faster when it comes to wi-fi, all kinds of electronic hookups,
2:47 pm
not that kind of hookup, the other kind. we will talk to adam on fox business about how they are renting it up when it comes to smart ships on the high seas. melissa: i cannot wait to watch that show. i can't wait. up next, if there is one thing is celebrity could use it is a self-destructive file. find out how one company wants to profit from the i cloud by lowering your photos. $13 million never came easier. listen to how brad pitt's ho
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melissa: we want to check los angeles. fast-food workers striking in the streets, similar protests across the country from new york to kansas city. one of the biggest fast-food protests events ever. this one obviously big ears and the other ones we have seen around the country. no one told these folks about robots that make hamburgers or about the president's and economists who say somewhere between 1 and 1 million people will lose their jobs if the minimum wage goes up. all right. whether it is on wall street or mainstream here is who is making money today. anyone with the name leonardo dicaprio or robert deniro, $13 million for two days work. that was for a new mega casino called studio city. the gambling exact behind it, martin scorsese to direct the ad which apparently is a short film. brad pitt took a break from his mediterranean honeymoon with angelina jolie to film the part.
2:52 pm
i don't blame him. it is an hourly wage of $300,000. why not? i would be out there too. time for a little fun with spare change. ever hit the send button and immediately regret it? it turns out there is an apps for that the new service called destruct allows users to send content that will self-destruct. i know a few folks who could have used that recently. joining me is nathan hecht. thanks for joining us. tell me how this works. >> you set a timeframe for everything you share, up files, pictures, videos. that time frame sets how long these files exist. >> i heard this problem before and it doesn't happen, snap chat, everything is supposed to go away and then you hear it is saved somewhere. and all these ads pop up, and use by on your kids and see what
2:53 pm
they're sending by snap chat. how do you know it works? >> we build the system very different from snap chat. snap chat is more of a social network. they don't care about the actual privacy and security. melissa: they are using snap chat because they care, they want it to blow up. >> they should be using destruct. the other thing about destruct is you can follow where you see things go on the web. if i send something to you when you forward it to someone else i will see where it is and allow that person or not allow that person to view it. melissa: what server is a living on a few have total control? once it passes through someone's mailbox there's a trace of it there? >> it lives in our servers and the other beautiful thing about it is when the file expires or is deleted it is completeescrub, it is called shredded. the only lights the pile has is the time from the original sender wants it to exist. melissa: would this have saved the idiots that with their naked pictures on i cloud?
2:54 pm
>> in some ways it would have. in general people need to start thinking about where their stuff is, what they're doing with it. melissa: once again set and meet people have to start being intelligence about what they actually do and where they send it and posing naked photos of themselves they don't want the world -- >> they need tools to control that stuff's. they can control it. melissa: you are a good sport. thank you for coming on. you can check one item of of your christmas list. i wasn't too hard on him was i? introducing it tablet for grandma. why let her have all the fun? new cellphones are targeting a slightly younger crowd. please don't tell my children about that. at an end of the day it is all about money. (vo) rush hour around here
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♪ ♪ measure. melissa: i wow. we've got some breaking news right now. reuters is reporting that john
2:58 pm
rivers has died at the age of 81. i've got simon constable with me, who else do we have right now? jared levy as well. this is really shocking and sudden. we heard earlier this week she had gone in for a procedure and had been in a medically-induced coma after a complication due to that. her daughter, melissa, had been, you know, releasing guarded statements about her condition over time, and i'd seen a report just this morning that she had been moved, you know, out of icu, and now we're getting reports right now that she has passed away. simon. your reaction. >> it's a terrible loss. she's iconic, a great talent, has made a lot of people laugh for a very long time. she's great. i mean, she's -- i know she's not everybody's cup of tea, but she's contributed so much throughout her life, and her daughter's continuing with the tradition and doing a great job of it too. it's a great loss, and our
2:59 pm
hearts go out to everybody. melissa: her daughter, melissa rivers, releasing the following statement just a short time ago saying: it is with great sadness that i announce the death of my mother, john rivers, she -- john rivers. she died peacefully. my son and i would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff at mount sinai hospital for the amazing care that they provided for my mother, and my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. i wow. really, really shocking news. jared? >> yeah. >> yeah, no. first and foremost, my deepest condolences and thoughts go out to the family and friends of john. like simon said -- john. i sort of envision her, hey, smile, have a blast. melissa: making some cutting remark about someone, right? on the way out, you know?
3:00 pm
>> yeah, it's really tough. melissa: amazing. really tragic. thanks to both of you. that's all we have right now. "countdown" starts right now. ♪ ♪ liz: focus on steroids, stocks hit record highs today after super mario -- [inaudible] european central bank president unexpectedly cuts interest rates. how much higher do u.s. stocks go and for how long? game on as the new nfl season kicks off tonight. tens of millions of americans who play fantasy football are looking for the hottest way to play. uberpopular start-up fan duel says it has the perfect game for you. ceo nigel eccles is our start-up nation business star. and smarter sailing. the royal caribbean smart ship comes complete with virtual windows, superfast wi-fi and robots to mix your favorite


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